SVN Engineering LTD was established in 2012, succeeding companies with extensive experience in the field of design, manufacture and installation of metal structures and iron, stainless steel sheet and structural steel products, for domestic, commercial and industrial applications. The company is specialized in the manufacture of designer metal products and structures as per individual designs.

In recent years, the company has undergone serious development and completed multiple projects in Bulgaria and abroad. Thus greatly increasing the volumes and variety of its products and supplies.

Our high results are due to the successful implementation of ERP system, by which we efficiently plan and control our resources.

Our mission

SVN Engineering‘s mission is to cover all the needs and requirements of our customers as per their orders.

Our main principles are:

  • Justifying the confidence given to us by our customers by keeping the specific commitments and deadlines;

  • Fast and easy communication with all our departments in order to respond promptly to all inquiries of our customers with due care;

  • Provide high quality products and services to our customers of required durability and specifications.