Metal Elements Repairment

Repairment of steel products and structures. Repairment of steel components for trucks, trailers, heavy machinery, etc.

Components For Refrigerators

Design, manufacturing and installation of stainless steel elements for refrigerators as protective buffers, handles and protectors.

Metal Processing

SVN Engineering LTD offers a folding metal, guillotine, saw, lathe, milling machine, trabogib, sandblasting, argon welding, welding of nonferrous metals.

Other Metal Products

Manufacture of metal products for individual purposes – products made of galvanized sheet metal, black metal products, products of ferrous pipes, stainless pipes and sections.

Medical Equipment

Production of medical equipment made of stainless steel – metal cabinets, workbenches, cabinets, shelves, racks, beds, operating tables with sinks and more.

Kitchen Equipment

Production of kitchen equipment made of stainless steel – metal cabinets, furniture, sinks, racks and shelves, work tables with sinks and more.

Ventilation Products

Production of air ducts, ventilation fittings, grilles, filters, grease traps, kitchen hoods and vents, fans and ventilation solutions.


Production of stainless steel railings – INOX, aluminum railings, glass railings and wrought iron railings.

Metal Constructions

Production of metal fences and enclosures, metal awnings, doors and bars, metal stairs and any kind of metal structures.